Rules To Remember


First and foremost Knockerball is about getting together and having a ton of fun. Whether you're playing with long-time friends or folks you just met for the first time, at the end of each round, everyone should be laughing and wearing the biggest smiles possible. If you or someone else isn't having fun, let the ref know because that means we need to fix something - whether it's modifying a rule or a team to make things fairer/more balanced or helping someone get back in the "FUN" frame of mind.

Rule #2 - No sexism

Knockerball is a CO-ED game, and as such every guy and gal that comes out should be treated fairly and be able to enjoy themselves without being taunted/belittled/pestered/insulted because of their gender.

Rule #3 - Knocking Players Down Is LEGAL

Knockerball is a contact sport by design, and as such knocking other players down is a part of every single game you will play. You can knock someone around at any time EXCEPT when they are already on the ground.

Rule #4 - Respect the Knockerball

Knockerballs are pretty tough cookies, what with being able to withstand repeated knock-around sessions and all. But, they are also very fragile. Please make sure to remove ALL jewelry and accessories with sharp edges (belts, clips, etc.) before entering a Knockerball, and while in a 'Ball remember not to make contact feet-first with another player. All of these things can result in damage to a Knockerball; and if you intentionally damage one, chances are good you're going to be buying one.

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